How Warehouse Lighting Can Increase Employee Productivity

warehouse lighting can improve productivity at workOften on their feet for long hours, working shift patterns and carrying heavy goods, it is quite obvious that warehouse workers have a hard job. They’re also crucial to the success of your business, so, it’s important to keep them motivated and productive. While adequate light levels are a legal requirement under Health and Safety laws, did you know the lighting in your warehouse can actually significantly improve employee productivity? Here’s how.



Though we have already mentioned this in a previous post, it is important to stress again that lighting can have a huge impact on health of workers. As humans, our circadian rhythm – responsible for patterns of alertness, coordination, blood pressure and cardiovascular efficiency – is effected massively by light. Maintaining suitable light levels in your warehouse environment will ensure that circadian rhythms of your workers aren’t negatively affected and won’t impact their health. This is particularly significant if there are numbers of night workers in your warehouse. You can read BRE’s infographic on this subject, here.   



increase happiness at workHappiness at work is an issue most of us will struggle with at some point in our lives. But what part can lighting play in this? Well, there’s evidence to suggest that lighting can have huge effects on our mood. If your staff are working in a dark, dull warehouse, they may be prone to lower mood levels and even physical effects such as headaches. Brighter and more natural lighting in your warehouse will increase happiness which will in turn increase productivity!



Working in an environment where your employees can’t see what they’re doing is frustrating for them and not at all productive for your business. Ensuring good quality warehouse lighting levels – especially in areas where you cannot afford to be making errors – will increase the precision and overall quality of your work.


Of course, we’ve only mentioned a few of the positive effects better lighting could have on your staff. Imagine how much happier you’ll feel when your new lighting is saving you energy and money! 


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