WeTRV Wireless Smart Radiator Control

Control heating via internet with Chalmor WeTRV
WeTRV allows you to control your heating via the internet on your PC, tablet or smart phone.



WeTRV retrofits to radiators to provide room by room heating control. It cuts energy bills and CO2 by up to 30% by only heating rooms which are being used and accurately controlling temperature to prevent overheating.

WeTRV is part of a wireless system, connected via wireless router to the internet.  Internet access provides the building manager with management information at the touch of a button and remote access to make updates to the system, providing maintenance savings, particularly in areas where maintenance access may be time consuming (e.g. multiple-occupation).

WeControl Range including Chalmor WeHub and WeTRV

WeTRV is part of the WeControl range, which includes lighting and electrical appliance control and all communicates wirelessly via an ethernet connected to the WeControl Hub.  It is a low-cost tool to help energy managers improve building management and maximise energy savings.


Room by room zoning of heating, lighting and electrical appliances

 Convenient internet based control enables remote management at the touch of a button from PC, tablet or smart phone

 Simple retrofit installation with no drain down or wiring required.

■ Temperature profiling to suit variations in room use

 Manual heat boost provides one hour heat boost on demand to suit individual comfort preferences

 Harness latest technology to provide greater flexibility to your service provision (Internet of Things, If This Then That (IFTT), Geofencing)

Main Applications:

WStudent AccomadationeControl is a commercial solution, suitable for existing buildings or estates with multi-purpose use, for example:

■ University student accommodation
 Commercial office buildings
 Care homes
■ Hotels
■ Schools


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