Our tried and tested, fully comprehensive suite of services, can be personalised for any customer, to deliver an integrated heating and lighting solution.



Our procurement service gives installation contractors the opportunity to tender for jobs – this can also include the client’s preferred/usual contractor.


We can also provide a consultancy service where appropriate.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Energy Performance Contracting, bridges the gap between future returns and current costs by allowing you to pay for improvements now with money you will save in the future. An EPC allows the up-front cost for energy conservation measures to be paid over time through reductions in utility bills and compliance fees. The more you pay for energy now, the more you may be able to invest in efficiency and carbon reduction.

We assess the potential for savings and design a system that achieves the necessary energy/carbon reduction and ROI for the project. We manage the installation and can provide performance guarantees for peace of mind.

Testing and Compliance

Often there are periodic testing requirements of heating and lighting solutions, e.g. gas safety certificates, emergency lighting testing, etc.. Non-compliance is costly and time-consuming. We work with the customer to design and implement processes to help them maintain compliance and efficiency. We even offer self-testing systems to make sure the solutions operate optimally at all times.

Chalmor are experts on sourcing grants.

Chalmor is pleased to be a listed supplier on the Green Business Fund (a key funding source). It does not stop there. For eligible customers, we can help with advice, paperwork and submissions. Due to our intimate knowledge of the process and needs, we can ensure the customer’s submission is right first time.

Chalmor’s excellent bid success rate is down to:

  • being a multi-disciplinary, lighting and heating solutions company,
  • understanding the often onerous paperwork trail and advising on optimising response,
  • knowing the invoicing and finance processes (even helping achieve faster payment turnaround),
  • helping build a strong and credible business case that is importantly supported by facts.

Some products qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs). ECAs help businesses improve their cash flow through accelerated tax relief, encouraging them to invest in energy-saving technologies. The Energy Technology List is managed on behalf of BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy).

Life-Cycle Services

Our fully managed energy saving lighting solutions cover the full operational life cycle:

  • Concept,
  • Survey
  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Product Sourcing and Selection
  • Implementation
  • Commissioning
  • Our maintenance, repairs and warranties and crucially, our philosophy of ‘beyond-the-call-of-duty’ support focusing on a resolution