Energy Saving Controls and Sensors

Research shows that use of controls and sensors can cut energy use by up to 40%.  

In many application areas, adding energy saving controls and sensors to your lighting or heating project can improve the lighting, enhance efficiency and cut cost.  

Energy Saving Controls and Sensors BIAS Zoned Court Lighting Occupancy sensors:  Are ideal for areas with intermittent or difficult to schedule use. They switch lighting or heating on/off according to motion. Occupancy sensors can be wall or ceiling mounted, are easy to install and low maintenance.

Daylight sensors:  In addition to saving energy, good use of natural daylight in commercial buildings has been proven to have a positive influence on productivity and psychological well-being.  Photo sensors can be used to harness natural light and provide balance between natural and artificial light.

Lighting Controls:  Range from simple switches, which can be manually operated, through to complex automatic solutions which integrate with building management systems.

Chalmor provide a full range of services, from survey and design, through to installation and commissioning to ensure solutions that suit the way you use your building and provide the greatest energy savings.

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