Proven Energy Reduction

The Lab Work – Electronic TRV vs TRV

Chalmor undertook testing, verified by the London Southbank University (LSBU), which shows the following:

eTRV+ smart radiator valve savings proof... reduction comparison with TRV and competitor smart valves eTRV+’s Patented Dual Sensor Technology provides market leading temperature control:  Under laboratory conditions, room temperature fluctuated by a very minimal .5°C over a 1 hour period with eTRV+ smart radiator valve.  Two separate competitor products were tested under the same conditions, both providing a far greater fluctuation of 4.5ºC within an hour.

 Traditional TRVs: This was greater than a traditional TRV, which fluctuated by 2.5°C in a one hour period. 

■ In the home: We also tested in a home situation, comparing eTRV+ with traditional TRVs over a one year period from February 2011 to February 2012.  During the winter, gas consumption fell by over 30%, equating to an annual saving of over 20%. 

Case studies

eTRV+ smart radiator valve Lab Proof and TRVs savings proof daily gas useBelow are a range of case studies providing evidence of 30% energy reduction in a in a variety of buildings:

■ The University of Bristol saves 30% with eTRV+ – Click to read

 Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) office building eTRV+ with PAIR – Click to read

 University eTRV+ with PAIR – Click to read

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