eTRV at University Accomodation in Bristol

The University of Bristol initially carried out a trial installation of the Chalmor eTRV. The trial, in the Hawthorns Building, a 53 room hall of residence, reduced heating bills by 30%.  This saving paid for the initial cost of fitting the eTRV’s within the first year of operation.

eTRV is an energy saving upgrade for existing thermostatic radiator valves.  It allows accurate temperature control on a room by room basis. Fitting eTRV has dramatically reduced heating waste by regulating the output of individual radiators.

Using eTRV at University accomodation, enabled the energy team to set temperature levels and timers to suit specific rooms and users.  To protect the investment, tamper-proof features prevent students adjusting the settings.  Students can adjust temperature using the manual push-button, which provides an hour temperature boost.

eTRV at University Accomodation (Hawthorns) in Bristol, EnglandeTRV has three standard temperature settings, Low, Economy and Comfort. The energy team set them to provide heating in the mornings and evenings whilst students are in their rooms.  During the day, eTRV reduces the temperature setting.  Overnight, heating is kept at a lower level. If a student returns to their room and it feels a little cool, the push-button provides a boost to the Comfort level for an hour.

Chalmor has helped the University of Bristol reduce their energy consumption, make financial savings and contribute towards carbon footprint reduction.

The University of Bristol scheduled a further installation of 204 eTRV’s into the Churchill and Wills Halls and have used eTRV successfully in even more buildings since.

Chalmor’s eTRV gave us a 30% energy saving in our student accommodation within the first year of installation, providing an astonishing 1 year return on investment. – Chris Jones, Sustainability Manager, University of Bristol

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