About Us

Our Background

From our beginnings (1987) as a manufacturer of lighting and heating products to the present, a full service heating and lighting solutions company, our focus of excellence in quality and customer service has remained constant. The result has been a loyal and growing customer base.

Chalmor Today

The plethora of rapidly changing new technologies in today’s market often makes it difficult for organisations to decide on the energy saving heating and lighting solutions, that will also give them the optimal heating and lighting for their business.

Customers see us as experts and trusted advisors and suppliers in the delivery of these solutions.

While we still manufacture specialist technologies, it is our One-Stop-Shop, Heating and Lighting delivery services that are core to our business.

Our advisory services also help customers navigate through the many and often complex, green and environmental grants that are available to help mitigate costs and further improve return on investment.

The Chamor Cost-Saving Commitment

Operating at the leading edge of tried and tested heating and lighting technologies, we determine the most cost-effective, sustainable and energy efficient way for our customer to achieve a particular heating and/or lighting goal.

Then we quantify with hard facts and figures, why our solution will offer the best value to a customer’s project. We offer transparent pricing.

Not being tied to specific manufacturers means Chalmor can choose the best of the best, to meet the specific needs of a particular project.