eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve

eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve

By installing this on your radiators you will:

■ Stop heating empty rooms
■ Save energy and money
■ Eliminate heat waste
■ Benefit from zoned heating    


eTRV+ is an award winning, British made programmable smart radiator valve. It has been proven to cut energy bills by an average of 30% by only heating the rooms that are in use.


At Chalmor, we pride ourselves on offering you more than just a product. Choose Chalmor and we will offer you a fully tailored solution, managing your project from start to finish, from initial site survey right through to installation and aftercare. 


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eTRV+ Case Studies: 

■ RBS Installs eTRV+ following Innovation Gateway – Click to read

■ University of Bristol saves 30% with eTRV+ – Click to read

 DWP make electricity and gas savings with eTRV+ – Click to read

 A leading University saves with eTRV+ and PAIR – Click to read

 eTRV+ improves comfort for south coast care home – Click to read



More Information  

eTRV+ saves energy by:

■ Heating only the rooms you are using: Eliminating wasted heating in empty rooms.

■ Keeping temperature consistent: Preventing overheating.  By regulating temperature, room users will no longer need to use fans or heaters and air-conditioning will not switch on to cool overheated rooms.

■ Working in harmony with the environment: For example, turning the heating down to allow natural heat from the sun to warm the room.

■ Minimising heat loss: Accommodating human interaction, for example, turning the heating down to prevent heat loss when a window has been opened.

■ Reducing system load: eTRV+ smart radiator valve works to provide system balance and reduce whole system load, which will in turn reduce energy consumption by variable speed pumps and boilers.


eTRV+ Features: 

■ Patented dual sensors: provides market leading accuracy

■ Open window feature: if a window is opened, eTRV+ reacts quickly to this sudden temperature change to minimise heat loss 

PAIR Occupancy Sensor: this optional extra allows heating to be turned on or off according to occupancy, further enhancing energy savings. Click to download the datasheet here. 

Valve exercise function: runs once a week to prevent valve sticking, reducing maintenance call outs. 

Boost function: push the button to boost heating for an hour, ensuring users will never be cold. 

 Security kit: security collar, secure screws and lock prevent twisting, tamper or removal.

Handset for easy programming (or, use Chalmor’s pre-programming service) 


Communicating eTRV+

We have developed a suite of tools to help building managers communicate eTRV+ smart radiator valve. Click here to see an example developed for student accommodation.  For more examples, or to discuss your specific needs, contact for more information.


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