Guest Blog: Why Should Businesses Care About Saving Energy?

This is a guest blog by Stephanie Sylvester on behalf of Modernize, a sustainable home improvements company based in Austin, Texas, USA. We’d like to thank Stephanie and everyone else over at Modernize for contributing to Chalmor’s blog.


climate change and why businesses should care about saving energyCompanies need to connect with the the global desire to save energy. After all, the future of our planet depends on it and new government schemes posing tough targets, means energy saving is hard for businesses to ignore. Fortunately, as a business owner, there are benefits to going green that you can start seeing right away. From happy customers and satisfied employees, saving energy should be top priority for your business. At Modernize, we appreciate businesses that consider efficiency and energy saving improvements.


Public Relations

When given a choice, clients and consumers are likely to choose a business that has implemented a green initiative. In some cases, those with a strong eco-conscious will even pay more for the same products or services if they know that a company has the integrity to make a pledge for sustainability. Partnerships with other upstanding businesses will also come more naturally when your business reflects the same values. Job seekers will also look for employers who strive to be environmentally efficient. Customers, clients, and the community will feel good about doing business with a company that saves energy.

Happy Employees 

why should businesses care about energy saving in officesOf course, we all know that the main goal of any business is to increase revenue. Saving energy saves money, while energy saving practices provide perks for employees. There are plenty of ways to introduce an energy-saving lifestyle in your office. Turning off lights, or using lights that automatically shut off after so many minutes without movement, will yield a lower utility bill. Even more energy can be saved if employees are able to work from home. This would mean the company saves on the cost of lighting and heating or cooling an office space, and the employee will likely be more productive if they feel like a trusted worker rewarded with a home and work balance.

When employees must be in the office, creating a precedent to always shut down computers will save businesses a lot of money. Additionally, skylights can be installed so that workers can use natural daylight, costing your business nothing. Employees will also benefit from their daily dose of Vitamin D, and may be more happy and productive because of it.


Start Saving With LED Lighting

One of the first things that your business can do to start saving energy and money is to change fluorescent lighting fixtures to LED lighting. This cost-effective change is certainly less expensive than installing skylights or solar panels. Chalmor experts can help you decide where LED lighting would work best for your business. Using dimmers, sensors, and controls, a new lighting system will quickly help your business reap the rewards of efficiency.


So, why should businesses care about saving energy? Well, saving energy benefits your company, employees, clients, customers, partners, and community. There is no reason not to start implementing small changes and investing for larger scale changes for the future. 

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