The Benefits of Installing Retrofit Radiator Valves

Carbon Trust Accredited SupplierChalmor, accredited suppliers of The Carbon Trust, have been featured on The Carbon Trust’s brand new Supplier Insights section outlining the energy efficiency benefits of smart radiator valves such as eTRV+ being installed in a commercial building.

When trying to iSmart Radiator Valvemprove the energy performance of commercial buildings, capital outlay is a significant obstacle, even when the business case is convincing. However, this does not mean that valuable reductions in energy consumption are beyond the reach of estates managers. Retrofitting smart radiator valves, for example, can make energy and carbon savings of around 30% without requiring replacement of the central HVAC plant. They also make it possible to improve energy efficiency of sites incrementally (on a zone-by-zone, or even room-by-room basis) as money becomes available. Each upgrade project can reduce the building’s operational overhead, enabling the cost-savings to be fed back into the next upgrade…

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