5 Reasons To Save Energy in Your Business and Go Green

Chalmor have been busy recently redefining our business. We have had an upgrade of our office and have recently gone green! One of the questions we posed ourselves prior to this was why go green?

We are promotors of energy saving in business, so, here are our top five reasons you should go green:

Why save energy in your business? To save money!1. Save money
By installing energy saving lighting, heating and ventilation into your building you can significantly reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint.
Example – A business with a turnover of £2 million. 40% Savings on their £90,000 annual energy costs delivers an increase in profit by 7.2%
Turnover £2 Million

Profit (25%) £500,000
Energy Bill £90,000
Energy Savings (40%) 36,000
Profit increased by (7.2%) £536,000

2. Tax
The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) is a government incentive which offers tax breaks to companies if they install approved energy efficient equipment and machinery.

In simple terms you can offset the whole capital cost of your investment against your organisations profits.

3. Help change employee behaviour
Carbon and energy reduction are key in helping our planet recover from years of neglect. By introducing green projects, it is likely your staff will want to assist in making a difference. Simply energy saving training sessions can raise awareness and help to encourage staff to turn off lights when they leave rooms, recycle paper and help reduce your organisations overheads.

4. Create a healthy environment
A greener organisation can help reduce sickness and absenteeism, latest energy saving lighting not only saves energy, but in most instances improves the working environment and productivity for your team.

5. Government Pressure
The Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme may be a mouthful! But the government is putting added pressure on organisations to reduce their carbon footprint through this mandatory carbon trading scheme covering all organisations who use more than 6,000MWh electricity per year (equivalent to annual electricity bill of about £500,000).

So do you agree with our top 5? If not let us know your top 5!

Steven Henry – Managing Director – Chalmor Limited

Energy saving in business is really important, as these 5 reasons have told you! Do you want to implement some enrgy saving measures in your business but are not sure where to start? Ask chalmor! Send us an email today.

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