The Challenge: Extensively improved lighting solution, energy savings and safety for main town centre car park

A long stay car park in a busy town centre was in need of new lighting and an innovative solution to reduce energy and maintenance costs. Chalmor were invited to tender prior to assessing the 328 parking multi-storey car park and implementing new LED lighting and energy saving controls.

The Chalmor Approach

Chalmor undertook a detailed survey and assessment of the busy town centre car park, in order to provide a detailed, tailored solution.

The survey revealed:

  • The entire multi-storey building, open 7 days a week until midnight, was fully lit during operational hours
  • The incumbent lighting was inefficient and expensive to run, with costly maintenance for the 806 individual light fittings
  • Safety levels of shoppers, users and staff were low due to poorly lit sections of the car park

For the solution and results please click on the link below to open the case study

Download full Case Study as PDF


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