ESCO Case Study

The Challenge: Find sustained and cost effective energy saving measures for LED lighting and heating solutions

Working in collaboration with a national ESCO, Chalmor needed to provide energy saving LED lighting, controls and heating controls for a wide range of local authority buildings, including council offices, primary and secondary schools, and depot buildings.

The Chalmor Approach

Chalmor surveyed the local authority buildings and analysed the existing lighting and heating, so that a tailored solution meeting the needs of the ESCO could be designed and installed. The Chalmor Approach

The survey revealed:
• New LED lighting was needed throughout all buildings to achieve optimal long-term lighting levels and comfort, reduce lighting load and to minimise maintenance and energy consumption. • As existing local authority buildings vary enormously in age and condition, there was a mix of different types of light fittings, including high bay, internal, external, emergency, T5, T8 and even T12 fluorescent lighting, which has since been outlawed. • Automatic lighting controls were needed to switch or dim lighting in areas with intermittent use, and emergency lighting needed standalone LED models to minimise future maintenance costs. • Electric heating control systems and eTRVS needed to be installed with PAIR occupancy sensors to ensure efficient heat distribution throughout the buildings, which would activate and de-activate when areas were occupied and vacated.


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