Energy Savings all just hot air?

energy savings all just hot air? a story from the guardianLoft insulation is quickly becomming one of the country’s most popular energy efficiency measures. Despite being quite an expensive fix, installing insulation in your loft will save you up to £180 a year, says the government – and a new boiler will cut as much as £310 off your bills.

But the first official study on the true impact of energy efficiency measures installed in British households indicates that the financial savings have been around half the amount promised.

In a devastating blow for the government’s controversial Green Deal programme, an analysis of the figures by a leading environmentalist suggests that the annual savings from loft insulation on 21,000 homes tracked by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have been around £15.50 a year, compared with the “up to £180” figure promoted by government bodies.

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