Chalmor Extends Smart Radiator Valve Range With Innovative Wireless Control Solution For Commercial Buildings

Chalmor has extended its award winning eTRV smart radiator valve range with the launch of a wireless control system – WeTRV.  Providing an alternative to the existing manual programming option, WeTRV enables individual radiators to be set to operate timed programmes at specific temperatures without the need to access the radiators individually.

Offered alongside Chalmor’s manual control eTRV+ smart radiator valve, WeTRV can speed up, simplify and streamline zone-by-zone control of radiators across estates by providing the energy manager with at-a-glance, online remote management.  In addition it extends the energy saving benefits of smart radiator valves to buildings such as apartment blocks and social housing schemes, where access to individual radiators may be restricted by residents being in situ.

WeTRV Logo Colour SmallWeTRV is launched as part of a commercial wireless control solution, WeControl, which also features energy saving controls for lighting and electrical appliances.

The WeControl range is accessed online via desktop computer, tablet or smart phone, allowing building managers to make maintenance savings by monitoring energy use and making adjustments to controls across estates remotely.

MD Steven Henry states “Whilst eTRV+ has been providing energy savings of up to 30% across a range of commercial sectors, this development has been driven by our customers need for greater access to energy saving data and the convenience of having this data to hand at a touch of a button via the internet. This solution provides a low cost, retrofit energy saving opportunity for a wide range of commercial buildings with variable usage patterns including offices, universities, hospitals, care homes, hotels and multiple occupation housing”. 

This range is provided as part of a tailored service package, including site analysis and design, installation and commissioning.  It can be purchased through capital investment or via the Chalmor Heat Service Agreement, where monthly payments are designed to be equal to or less than the savings made each month from reduced energy costs.

The WeTRV and the WeControl solution will be launched at the Association for University Engineers (AUE) Annual Conference at the University of South Wales on September the 2– 4 2015.


Chalmor provide energy saving lighting and heating solutions.  With over thirty years of experience, we combine innovation, attention to detail and flexibility to tailor solutions to meet your exact requirements.  We design systems that are simple to operate and maintain and provide the lowest lifetime costs. Contact our team on 01582 748700,,

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