University energy efficient heating solution saves.

eTRV Red LEDChalmor Ltd’s installation of energy efficient eTRV’s in a Hall of residence at the University of Bristol resulted in them reducing their heating bills by 30%! The savings from this installation is paying for the initial cost of the eTRV’s within the first year of operation.

Latest figures released show the average heating bill is 63% higher that in 2008, in recent months, five of the ‘big six’ energy giants have raised tariffs by an average of £90 per year.

Bearing in mind we have just had the coldest spring in nearly 50 years, heating is now becoming a financial strain for most establishments and regulating your heating output will save money and reduce energy consumption.

Fitting eTRV’s will reduce heating output by regulating the temperature on individual radiators, they can be programmed to hear only the rooms/areas being used if required or can be timed to heat specific radiators at certain times of the day/night.

To find out how to calculate your energy consumption please use our Energy Calculator.

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To find out more on how Chalmor helped University of Bristol save energy read the full case study.

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