Carbon Trust updates the Green Business Fund

Introduction to The Green Business Fund

In 2016 the Carbon Trust set up the successful Green Business Fund (GBF) for SMEs. To date they have helped over 1000 organisations implement energy saving initiatives. The Green Business Fund can co-fund energy saving initiatives and does not have to be paid back.

Green Business Fund from the Carbon Trust

SMEs today have a strong motive to invest in energy saving initiatives:

  • The financial incentive from the Green Business Fund continues to help cash strapped SMEs invest in new energy saving technologies.
  • The latest energy saving lighting and heating control technology available is another powerful incentive for SMEs.

In some cases, the financial payback can be so quick, that it can actually cost nothing.

Changes to the Green Business Fund

There is new funding from the Carbon Trust, effective 10th August 2017. With the new money comes some changes to the Green Business Fund.

The highlights of the updated GBF are summarised below:

  • Cost saving assessments, energy saving training, implementation advice and monetary support for the installation of energy efficient equipment.
  • From 10th August, 2017, eligible companies can apply for a capital contribution of 15% of the total project cost, i.e. the maximum contribution will be £5,000, against a project cost in excess of £33,333.
  • Companies can use the fund to buy energy efficient lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and other energy efficiency controls.
  • The minimum value of the project must be £5000 (i.e. a contribution from the GBF of £750).
  • All equipment must be purchased from an accredited Green Business Directory Supplier (of which Chalmor is proud to be one), or a BESA supplier.
  • Return on Investment must be less than 5 years.
  • The project has to be completed within 90 days from the date of offer.

For further detail on the GBF from the Carbon Trust, click here.

Chalmor can help its Customers with the GBF

We are a longstanding Expert of energy saving lighting and heating control solutions that save our customers money.

Chalmor is also a Carbon Trust accredited supplier. Due to our intimate knowledge of the process and needs, we can help with advice, paperwork and submissions. We help ensure the customer’s submission is right first time.

Our guidance here is yet another example of how we help our customers save money.

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