Few are as experienced as Chalmor in being able to offer both heating and lighting solutions, integrated, or separately. Fewer still, can offer the added services and technologies that we offer our customers – delivering the most efficient energy saving solutions.

Lighting Solutions

Chalmor’s lighting solutions comprise the supply, implementation and management of capital equipment to create the most effective and energy efficient lighting for the needs of our customer, its people, its customers, other stakeholders and the environment.

Our decades of experience in the lighting industry means that we know what is required to be done to refurbish, retrofit and operate in diverse and varied lighting environments, using the best available technology.

No matter the complexity of the solution, we offer operational simplicity for our customers.

There are LEDs and, there are LEDs; Chalmor knows the alternatives. We know their differences in performance, life expectancies (MBTF – Mean Time Between Failures) and usability. With the rapidly changing lighting technology landscape and because Chalmor is not tied to particular suppliers, our customers get the best value technology, appropriate for their needs, from reputable, world class manufacturers.

Heating Solutions

Chalmor offers industry leading and innovative energy saving heating control and management solutions, offering the most efficient, effective and flexible control and management of your (existing) heating systems. We know that each part of any organisation has particular heating needs based on time of day/month/year, temperature and occupancy patterns. Our solutions meet those needs.

Chalmor manufactures a number of energy saving, heating control and management technologies for partner manufacturers. We also manufacture a number of patented products, filling the gaps that other solutions cannot, in order for our customers to achieve their goals.

Our ability to integrate these technologies into heating solutions, enables our customers and their personnel to enjoy the most comfortable and productive temperature controlled working environment – at all times and in all locations, small, or large.