RBS Innovation Gateway

RBS Innovation Gateway calls on Energy Efficient InnovationsIn March the Royal Bank of Scotland, in partnership with sustainable business network 2degrees, launched the RBS Innovation Gateway, inviting businesses to pitch their energy efficient innovations for testing on the RBS estate.

Through existing technology, RBS are expected to reduce their energy by 25%, the Innovation Gateway technologies can help unlock the next 75%.

Chalmor have pitched eTRV+, our energy saving heating solution. eTRV+ is a programmable electronic thermostatic radiator valve which fits directly to radiators in place of existing TRV’s. Its patented Dual Sensor technology provides proven 25%+ energy savings through accurate temperature control on a room by room basis.

Innovative enhancements, designed specifically for the demands of commercial environments increase the energy saving potential. For example, an optional PAIR detects occupancy and adjusts heating accordingly – perfect for increasing energy saving in areas with intermittent use, such as meeting rooms or single occupation offices.

Click here to see our profile and video on the Gateway.

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