Energy Saving Lighting

Chalmor's wide range of energy saving lighting We offer a wide range of traditional T5 fluorescent energy saving lighting products.  


These fittings are suitable for interior and exterior applications, at high or low bay, across a wide range of sectors.  Switching from T12 or T8 to T5 can cut energy by up to 50% and combining these lights with controls and sensors can further enhance energy savings.

With options including:

Dual switching to provide either partial or full lighting, to minimise energy consumption
DSI and analogue dimming

Lamp options to suit longer life, improved lumen, maintenance and shatter-proof performance
Multi-wattage control gear options
Reflector options to direct light

T5 Energy Saving Lighting Vs LED Lighting:

 LED investment may not be necessary for all areas, T5 fluorescent lighting can offer a lower initial outlay option

 T5 products typically have a shorter lifespan than LED, an average of 24,000 hours for standard, or up to 48,000 hours for the long life versions (compared to our LED range at up to 70,000 hours). However, they do offer a lower cost option for areas where there is easy access for lamp replacement

■ Combining T5 lighting with switching controls and occupancy and/or daylight sensors can extend useful life (the 48,000 hour long life version could extend up to 70,000 hours)

 LED light quality depreciates over time (our LED range is rated at L70, the point at which light output has fallen to 70% of it’s original value).  T5 however, will only depreciate to 90% of its original value over its lifetime.


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