Lighting your way into a classroom

Educational institutes are governed by professional bodies and state legislation to ensure that all buildings are compliant with health and safety regulations.

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But did you know that installing the right lighting can also have positive impact on learning abilities?

Last year, scientific research unveiled positive correlations between student performance levels and lighting alone; identifying how the colour of a light bulb can have significant impact on the mental and physical well-being of a student.

According to the study, featured in the Optical Society Journal, researchers found students were more alert and scored higher on their tests when they were in a classroom with lighting that mimicked daylight.

Integrating intelligent lighting not only increases a person’s learning abilities, but can have an immediate impact on health and wellbeing by aiding cognition capacity in children and young adults!

Switching lighting to elicit a better ‘learning environment’ can also have beneficial effect on costs; the more energy efficient your lighting is, the greater the savings!

Some types of LED bulbs and operating solutions can last for almost 70,000 hours; depending on the type of light bulb, and the lighting operating frequency,  that can be a delivery of almost ten years before needing a replacement!

To truly save the maximum costs, organisations need to choose the right lighting as well as the correct energy saving control system to gain the full potential daily and lifetime savings. The right lighting isn’t always the lowest cost but it should pay dividends in savings in the longer term, not just in your reduced energy bills but with your staff and students by providing a healthier, brighter and greener learning and working environment for all.

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