Is your business ready for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Programme?

How can you reduce carbon, quickly, improve working conditions and save money?carbon reduction commitment programme, in partnership with the carbon trust

With today’s soaring energy prices, even relatively simple energy saving measures will save you money within a short payback period – as well as significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

By working in partnership with the Carbon Trust , and a specialist lighting and heating company like Chalmor, organisations can ensure their projects meet funding criteria and deliver noticeable carbon savings.

At Chalmor, we specialise in long life, energy efficient, lighting solutions and intelligent energy saving controls, for Lighting, Heating,ventilation and Water.

We work alongside public sector organisations to deliver Salix compliant schemes.

Currently, we have framework agreements with North Yorkshire County Council and, most recently, Redcar and Cleveland Council, to assist in delivering their Carbon Reduction Commitment Programme. They use our expertise to evaluate and upgrade their lighting programmes.

Through lighting and heating upgrades, it is possible to achieve between 40% – 80% energy savings, with paybacks in some instances less than one year.

As an example, Chalmor was awarded the overall winner in the Sports Lighting category of the EMILAS (Energy Management and Innovation in Lighting Award Scheme) awards for our project with Nottingham City Council’s Harvey Haddon Sports Complex. Through a Chalmor lighting design and clever use of the latest technology lighting and controls, the sports centre gained improved lighting levels and flexibility and substantial energy and carbon savings.

We are also about to launch several innovative programmes with certain government departments, using our long life solutions, with the aim of providing better control and reducing maintenance.

The Facts

In 2005, research carried out by BRE into end use carbon emissions in the UK’s non domestic buildings, concluded that 46% of emissions came through heating, 23% through lighting and 4% through hot water. That equates to 73% of all emissions!

Lighting is the most quantifiable in terms of energy savings, as they can be accurately predicted due to the nature of the energy use. With the introduction of lighting controls, further savings of up to 50% can often be achieved.

Heating is a little more difficult to quantify, due to the differing fabrics of buildings, with poor insulation and glazing for example.

From our experience at Chalmor, the private sector has been quicker to react to carbon reduction and energy saving projects, and the public sector needs to catch up in order to meet the government’s targets.  For example, less than 50% of local authorities are currently working with the Carbon Trust to identify savings.

Question: Why is it taking so long for organisations to react?

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