Government Intervention Needed to Stimulate Green Growth

The UK Green Building Council called on the Government last week to show renewed leadership on green issues, arguing that deregulation for deregulation’s sake would be counterproductive for the built environment sector.

government intervention needed to stimulate energy saving in the contruction sector

The UK Green Building Council is the charity and membership organisation campaigning for a sustainable built environment. They facilitate dialogue between industry and Government to promote greener approaches in the construction sector.  With the construction industry still severely hit by the recession, The UK Green Building Council called for appropriate Government intervention which they feel is needed to create a sense of stability and certainty for both businesses and investors.

Paul King, CEO at UK-GBC commented:

“The construction sector is suffering at the moment but it could play a key role in getting the UK’s economy back on track – with energy efficiency and green infrastructure central to economic recovery. Unfortunately, deregulation is not a miracle cure – in fact we probably need greater intervention from Government – for example bringing in incentives like reduced Stamp Duty to encourage households to take up the Green Deal, and helping the commercial sector cut energy use.

“The Green Investment Bank is a welcome example of the Government intervening to help create a market, but on its own will not be enough to salvage the Government’s green credentials. We really need to see the Energy Bill announced today provide a vehicle for the long-awaited roll-out of Display Energy Certificates, which would help UK businesses save money.”

Source: UK-GBC


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