Why Choose Smart Radiator Valves Over Traditional TRVs

Why use smart radiator valves? Traditional TRVs vs Smart Radiator valvesInstalling thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to the radiators in your business can both improve comfort and save energy. They do this by giving the user the ability to adjust the temperature of a radiator, usually on a scale of 1-5. By turning the TRV and setting it to a lower temperature, energy is saved and heat isn’t wasted. But, what if your TRVs could work smarter than that? Here’s why you should choose smart thermostatic radiator valves over the traditional TRVs.


Opting for smart electronic radiator valves over traditional radiator valves provides you with greater convenience. With our radiator valve, it is fully programmable depending on the needs of the environment, meaning it controls your temperature on a time and temperature basis automatically. This is ideal for a business, as each radiator can be programmed differently depending on the room – always have a meeting in Meeting Room 1 on Wednesday at 3? Smart radiator valves can be programmed to ensure that room will be the perfect temperature at the right time.


Tests that Chalmor have had carried out show that traditional TRVs control heating at best to within 2½°C. While this may be adequate for homes, that is a huge amount of fluctuation and potential waste across an entire business estate. Smart TRVs generally have much closer control with our smart radiator valve controlling to within 0.5°C, resulting in less heat wasted. Furthermore, while TRVs control your heating on a 1 – 5 scale, smart radiator valves will provide you with an actual numerical figure, so you know what temperature your radiators are!


We all have to deal with too hot/too cold issues – especially in offices! But smart radiator valves can actually help improve comfort due to their more accurate control of the temperature, which prevents overheating. More accurate control also reduces any hot spots and cold spots, maintaining one stable temperature across different radiators. Many smart radiator valves will also come with a boost heat function, ensuring users will never cold.

control your heating better Zoning

Smart radiator valves allow each radiator to become their own zone. Programmes can be completely different from one side of the room to the other (if that’s what you want!) Creating these zones means different areas of a building will only be heated as and when required, saving energy on the areas that have been ‘turned off.’


Of course the biggest benefit of everything mentioned above is that all of these factors result in saving energy – which is great for you and great for the planet.


TRVs are a fantastic way to save energy through closer control of heating, but smart radiator valves are likely to offer your business much better savings.


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