Chalmor is Re-Accredited By The Carbon Trust


Chalmor Ltd is proud to announce its re-accreditation by the Carbon Trust. It continues to be an approved supplier of energy saving heating and lighting systems.

Chalmor is Re-Accredited by the Carbon Trust

Only organisations that are accredited by the Carbon Trust can offer energy saving services to customers being financially supported by its Green Business Fund. The accreditation process requires a supplier to show evidence of capability and customer satisfaction in delivering specific energy saving solutions.

“Chalmor was one of the earliest Carbon Trust accredited suppliers, back in the summer of 2013. We are pleased that they continue to value our quality of service,” said Steven Henry, Managing Director of Chalmor Ltd. “This renewal or our accreditation validates our continued commitment to energy saving, cost reduction and improved productivity in everything we do,” he continued.

Accredited by The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier page for Chalmor, cites:

“Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers have met or exceeded criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance. Whilst the Carbon Trust has endeavoured to confirm that all suppliers included in the Green Business Directory are of a proven high quality, ………”

Any customer looking for further information on the green business fund can be found by clicking on Green Business Fund.

For a summary of the fund and its benefits, you please check out our recent blog here.

In Summary

Chalmor is a one-stop shop supplier of heating control solutions and turnkey energy saving lighting, with a specialty in Retrofit projects.

For the best heating and lighting environment at the lowest cost;

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