23 Mar: Happy them equates to happy you!

Creating healthy and stable workforce environments can have positive effects on business productivity.  Businesses who foster greater workflow generate opportunities to offer improved services to clients; subsequently generating higher revenues. Stronger engagement with employees offers higher productive workforces, cementing a stronger employer brand, increasing profits and can reduce staff retention…

22 Mar: Lighting your way into a classroom

Educational institutes are governed by professional bodies and state legislation to ensure that all buildings are compliant with health and safety regulations. But did you know that installing the right lighting can also have positive impact on learning abilities? Last year, scientific research unveiled positive correlations between student performance levels…

10 Feb: Guest Blog: Why Should Businesses Care About Saving Energy?

This is a guest blog by Stephanie Sylvester on behalf of Modernize, a sustainable home improvements company based in Austin, Texas, USA. We’d like to thank Stephanie and everyone else over at Modernize for contributing to Chalmor’s blog. _______________ Companies need to connect with the the global desire to save energy….