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Care facilities for the elderly and young children are shaped around those who need additional support, attention and assistance which cannot be independently achieved.a stunning care home area

Operating as care facilities for the most vulnerable of audiences, the standard of health is key to the successful delivery of very individualistic services – bespoke to the physical and mental requirements of the patient.

From care homes to nurseries and even patient led institutes, the constant need to support health, safety and well being is paramount in achieving optimal care services; benefiting customers, recipients of the services, as well as care providers.

Age UK estimates that there are 426,000 elderly and disabled people, across 5,153 nursing homes and 12,525 residential homes; with over £1.36 billion spent on the NHS through hospital admissions and GP consultations alone, as a result of cold environments.

Therefore, achieving an optimal level of heating and lighting, particularly in a care providing environment, is paramount in sustaining better services for patients, as well as making a significant reduction in overall costs to the care provider and subsequent official supporting organisational bodies.

By integrating energy efficient heating and lighting, not only does it enhance the physical and mental environment for the patient or resident, but can free up greater financial resources for the care providers; cost savings which can subsequently be reallocated towards improving the overall quality of care.

Through the correct integration of the latest, low energy technology solutions including ‘retro fit’ solutions, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of escalating energy costs; offering healthcare leaders the opportunity to prepare their buildings for a more economically efficient and cost-effective quality of care.

Forward thinking organisations are increasingly evaluating the best available options for heating and lighting control solutions for their individual and often unique requirements. Care sector organisations who adopt intelligent energy solutions like electronic thermostatic radiator valves (eTRVs) can benefit from significant cost savings and become more heat efficient in the process. eTRVs are highly flexible when it comes to programmable functions, enabling organisations to control multiple heating cycles to specific temperatures at certain times, as well as define the total hours of operation. If all that flexibility wasn’t enough, eTRVs also allow the manager of the system to automatically cease heating a room that is unoccupied or rarely used when installed in conjunction with the PAIR unit, a movement detector that talks directly with the eTRV.

Cost savings are a primary motivator for facility and building managers, however reduced heating and lighting operating costs not only benefit the business, they improve healthcare services and care based environments for all users and visitors, be that the staff, residents or patients.

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