VIDEO: WeTRV Wireless Radiator Control Launched at AUE 2015

WeTRV wireless radiator controlOur brand new WeTRV wireless radiator control system was launched at the AUE Annual Conference at the University of South Wales last week

WeTRV is the latest product in the eTRV range of electronic thermostatic radiator valves.  A wireless heating control system, which instructs individual radiators to operate timed programmes at specific temperatures, without the need to access the radiators individually.  WeTRV can speed up and simplify zone by zone control of radiators across estates, by providing energy managers with at a glance, online remote management.

Steven Henry, Chalmor MD commented:  “Whilst eTRV+ has been providing energy savings of up to 30% across a range of commercial sectors, this development has been driven by our customers need for greater access to energy saving data and the convenience of having this data to hand at a touch of a button via the internet. This solution provides a low cost, retrofit energy saving opportunity for a wide range of commercial buildings with variable usage patterns including offices, universities, hospitals, care homes, hotels and multiple occupation housing.”  

WeTRV Launch Video

See our WeTRV launch video for more information, or visit the WeTRV pages on our website here.

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