Automatic room by room heating control with eTRV+:

eTRV+ is an award winning, British made electronic thermostatic radiator valve. It fits directly to radiators in place of traditional TRV’s, enabling automatic room by room heating control.  It has been proven to cut energy bills by up to 30% by heating only the rooms you are using and preventing overheating.

eTRV+ Saves energy by:

 The Technology:

All of the above features come as standard with eTRV+.  These following additional features can be used to enhance or protect energy savings:

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Communicating eTRV+ Automatic room by room heating control

Communicating eTRV+

We have developed a suite of tools to help building managers communicate eTRV+, to ensure building users understand how eTRV+ works and how they can check temperature or boost their heating.  Click the video on the right to see an example developed for student accommodation.  For more examples, or to discuss your specific needs, contact for more information.

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